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New computer registration

Two things need to be done when a new computer arrives in the lab, and requires network access:

Different conditions apply if the new computer is university-owned or not, e.g. a personal laptop. Personal laptops are more limited with regard to University site-licensed software that can be installed; check with DSM ICT for details. Further, DSM ICT will screen the personal laptop to make sure it is as secure as possible before unleashing it on an unsuspecting LAN.

Network port activation

Getting help

ICT Support

From the DSM ICTSG website:

All requests for IT support in the Dunedin School of Medicine should be handled in the following way (Some research units may have alternative arrangements):

Internet use and costs

As an externally-funded research group we pay for all our billable network traffic i.e. off-campus, inward and outward. This warning from the DSM ICT Support Group about internet use applies to us, link (PDF), but the short story is:

  1. Don't download music and movies (we pay for the network bandwidth).
  2. Don't play music and movies from the internet - this counts as (1), above (unless work related e.g. online presentations).
  3. No BitTorrent or other P2P filesharing apps for music and movies.
  4. Do not install any software without talking to the sysadmin first e.g. Skype.
  5. Don't fill up the HDD with anything from (1) or (2) above, MP3s you've ripped, or anything you care about - it will be deleted after you've gone.
  6. Don't store MP3's or movies on DSMX1. Store you personal music etc. on your local machine only.
  7. Don't print rubbish - B&W or colour (we pay for that too).

File and data storage

Web resources